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Want to know what 5G is and how fast it is moving? This post will provide some details about 5G, and we will see a comparison between 5G and 4G. With the advent of 4G, our lives have completely changed. We all started using the Internet more, Downloading movies, downloading games, and playing full HD videos on YouTube all became much easier.

But with the coming 5G news, we are all very excited about it again and our lives will change again. I am really determined to use 5G. Obviously, 5G is much better than 4G, as just 4G was better than 3G.

There are many benefits to introducing 5G. After the introduction of 5G, internet connection will be smoother and faster and some of the benefits will be greatly improved. Therefore, Today we will discuss in more detail the benefits of this 5G.

What is 5G?

First, what is 5G? What is the difference between 5G and 4G, 5G speed, 5G benefits, etc. For telecommunications networks, 5G refers to five wireless wireless networks. Network functions are associated with networks used by mobile phones. 5G also creates new types of technology with high speed internet. Nowadays 4G, high speed has been found in the heart of HD video streaming. Now consider what we can do with 5G.

  • Here, Gs from Generation.
  • 1G = First generation
  • 2G = Second Generation
  • 3G = Third Generation
  • 4G = Fourth generation
  • 5G = Fifth generation

Similarly, 5G has many advantages. In 5G, G stands for Generation methods. The first generation network was introduced and called 1G, while the second generation was called 2G. Then 3G came in, 4G came in, and to this day we all use 4G. Today, with the continuous development of broadband networks, the next generation 5G is here. 5G is much faster than 4G.

How fast will 5G be?

Big question of people is how fast 5G can be. 5G speed, speed depends on many things, but when you talk about 5G high speed, 5G can be 20Gbps or 2500MB / sec. But it is not the speed we humans will get, because it all depends on the number of people using the network, the quality of the network, the distance toit all affects the speed of 5G.

4G maximum speed is 1Gbps or 125MB / second. Therefore,  networks. Like us as we all know that we have not found the true speed of 4G, the same as we will not have access to the full speed of 5G. The timing of 5G detection will be determined only after the approval of the government test.

5G VS 4G

We said the top speed of 5G would be 20 Gbps and 4G would be 1 Gbps.Currently, standard 4G speeds from 20Mbps to 100Mbps are available. The average 5G speed will be expected to be 200-400 Mbps. If the 4G network operates in a frequency band 700 MHz to 2500 MHz, the 5G network will operate at 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands. In all cases, 5G networks are better than 4G. We will now talk about the benefits of 5G that we and the world will face.

Advantages of 5G

The benefits of 5G are at every level and commercial. Automation, very fast internet, self-driving cars and cars, automatic delivery of goods (from drones), etc. will be much easier.

1. Fast internet speed

The biggest advantage of 5G for us, the high speed internet. With the advent of 5G, streaming and download will be much faster. You will be able to download great size games and high quality movies in just minutes.

You will be able to watch 4K videos online on websites like YouTube and Netflix. You can also enjoy HD video calls. This can save time and improve the quality of information we use online.

2. A wise home

A wise home is a place that cannot be wise in itself. Our homes and offices are full of gadgets, such as TVs, lamps, air conditioners, and refrigerators. Think of a living house. Now we see such a house going by the command of the voice. If you want to watch any movie on your television you will have to provide a voice command, with a voice command you can easily turn on your television or air conditioner. And with the advent of 5G, homes will be smart enough to speak the voice of their owners and make their own decisions.

If there are no people in your home or room, it will automatically turn off the electricity, air conditioner, and TV. And when you get home it will turn on the lights as soon as you get home. Hot water supply and many other activities I could do in the future. You can control these things from your home with your mobile phone, even if you are far from home.

3. Cars can drive themselves

Self-driving cars are self-driving and non-driver-friendly vehicles. 

If you want to get somewhere, you can get there by car by providing information about the place. If you do not have a car and want somewhere else in the car, then the car will come to your address by booking online.

4. Cloud games

Cloud Playing is a way to play high-quality games and high-quality games without downloading them. In this case, the game will not work on your device, but on your cloud computer. Only video game is played on your mobile phone or computer and you can control the game from your smartphone. This allows you to play high-resolution games on low-end devices.

Fast internet is very important in the cloud game. There are many other video games coming soon in cloud games, and it gives you instructions to connect your computer or smartphone to connect to a high-speed network to play games without dumping or without glitches. With the advent of 5G, cloud gambling is becoming increasingly common. Nvidia offers Geforce cloud games, but is currently not available in India. 
5G related questions and answers!
I have answered many questions that people may want to know, but there are some questions that need to be answered.

Do I need to use a new phone to use 5G?
Most people today have a 4G phone. But if you are using 5G, you first have to make sure that your mobile phone supports 5G or not, if supported you can use 5G on your old phone, but if not, you have to buy a new 5G smartphone to use 5G.

Is 5G cheaper?

Certainly, no 5G connection will be more expensive than 4G networks. It is difficult to know the exact value, as 5G testing has just begun. However, 5G is considered expensive. But experts believe that 5G per GB is cheaper because people use the Internet more often than today. We currently use 2 GB of internet every day, so when 5G arrives, we will be using 20 GB of internet. 
Is 4G cheaper than 5G?
I do not know. Companies are willing to use 5G. Therefore, we cannot give a reason for using 4G Or, in a different case, the company wants people to use 4G and 5G to make a higher profit. So I can't say anything. Finally, there is no doubt that the advent of 5G will change our world. 

While 4G has recently provided fast internet, 5G offers a lot more with faster internet. Advanced robots, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, AI home appliances, virtual reality, cloud computing, powerful machines, and many other forms of modern technology fall into the advanced category. I talked about what 5G is. Now tell us how you like this post and what it will look like with 5G performance in the comment box.

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