how to Get Organic Traffic of your Website.


 Why do we need live traffic?

If you think why we need live traffic to our website then we can use forwarding traffic to increase our website traffic. We cannot use forwarding traffic because Google does not support forwarding traffic, forwarding traffic is similar to Google's spam.

Transferring traffic to AdSense?

What will happen if you submit referral traffic to your Adsense-approved websites. If you have already subscribed to Adsence and your website is showing ads for Google AdSense and you want to get more out of it, try trying to submit referrals to your AdSense authorization website. The result of this referral traffic may give you some dollars, but after two or three days your website will receive an ad limit. Google will limit your ads to your website.

Believe it or not this is the worst part of AdSense because we have to remove the ad limit you should always post on your website without any revenue from AdSense your website will show one or two ads or no ads and in this case you will not benefit from it. So I highly recommend that you do not use forwarding traffic will not give you anything but ad limit.

How can you get live traffic to our website?

Organic traffic is very important to our websites because without organic organic our website will die in a month, without live traffic your posts will not be higher in Google's search engine and you will not be able to profit from it. Getting organic traffic is not a very difficult thing but getting organic traffic you have to work hard.Three ways to get live traffic so now let's see 3 ways to get live traffic.

1. By writing SEO Friendly Posts.

This is a difficult way to get live traffic but it works all the time and lasts forever. If your post is copied to the Google search engine you will be getting live traffic for a long time. show the first question that comes to our mind is how to put our posts in the Google search engine, in a way that I can say is very simple and easy, let's see why I say that, because we are ranked in the Google search engine how to find what people are searching for on Google.

There are two ways to find out what Google searches are for the first Ahrefs paid and the second is free Google Keyword Planner. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is a paid registration form where you can control the activity of your website and with Ahref's help you can find the most recently searched keywords in the Google search engine.

Google Keyword Planner: Google keyword Planner is a free service provided by Google, with the help of Google keywords you can find recently searched keywords on Google, and sometimes incomplete because it is a free service.

So in the end, you can find the keywords that were recently searched on the Google search engine with the help of these tools. After finding keywords, you should write the article in that keyword, try to write the article as long as possible so that you can cover more and more keywords related to the search keywords. After you have completed your article just submit it and give it 2 or 3 days to rate it on Google's search engine.

2. Google Question Hub.

In my opinion, this is a great way to get traffic from Google, because Google will also help you increase your traffic by sending your poster or article to users who want those keywords you write about. First search the Google Hub query, then click on the first link from the Google Hub query name, click that link and go to the Google hub hub and sign in and create an account in the Google hub hub, now add any keywords or how to blog, then click More queries, then more search queries will appear on Google's search engine.

Now select any question in it and write an article on that topic, then click on the question will appear two ways, the first answer and the second dismissed, if you want to remove that question from your Google Hub query and click on this dismissal, but for now we have to click the back button that a notification will appear asking you to enter a link to your post. After you submit your article Google will send you live traffic to the post.

3. Transmission traffic with short link.

So now we're going to learn how to use forwarding traffic with short links, Now let's assume your website name is and you want to share your website link and I want to get some traffic, so how do we do that much easier just go to Google and search the domain First, make sure your website comes to the top of the search list, then copy the Google search URL link from the top of your browser and shorten your URL link, which you can use to filter your link. Now you can share a short link to your website if anyone clicks on that link it will automatically open a Google search list for your website, because your website will get live traffic this is not permanent, but it is a simple and easy way to increase live traffic by sharing your link via a short link.

The conclusion

So guys these are three ways to increase your live traffic. With the help of these three methods, you can increase your blogger or WordPress site traffic lively. I highly recommend all of you that please do not try to get referral traffic because forwarding traffic will give you a limited amount of time, after which you may get ad restrictions on your AdSense account or if you do not have an AdSense account the website will not show up immediately.

I hope you like our article.

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