How To Share Balance From Jazz to Jazz Fast



Are you a jazz user but don't know how to transfer the balance from jazz to jazz? Here is the complete guidefor you.

Ifa prepaid customer will need to refresh your account balance every 24 hours or so

enjoy bundles and packages regularly.Now, what if you run out of debt and do not have a solution yet? Jazzgives its customers the opportunity to transfer the balance from one SIM to another in a simple way.

Ways to transfer balance Jazz to Jazz:

Jazz has made the transfer process much easier for their customers. If you have prepaidalthough it has a few terms and conditions. 


  • First dial * 100 * (now enter your recipient's phone number) * (enter the exact number you want to send and receive) #
  • Make sure you put all this information in one line and close the sentence with a #.
  • When you are done press the access key.
  • A box will appear where you will need to enter number 1.
  • Wait for the confirmation message to appear.

Terms And Conditions:

  • You must have a prepaid SIM.Check your mobile balance before starting this activity.
  • The Jazz Network is not responsible for false transactions,
  • The minimum amount you can send is Rs.15.The maximum amount the recipient can receive is Rs. 500 and not more.
  • You cannot undo the process.

What are prepaid and after-paid customers?

Jazz subscribers are of two types; prepaid or late paid. There is little difference between the two. As a prepaid customer, you will need to recharge as soon as you run out of credit in order to enjoy more network services. The chances of finding potential shops at any time and place are very small.

To be a paid customer your payment must end at the end of the month. All month you can enjoy Jazz mobile services as much as you like, if you look at the fact that you pay at the end of the month.


Prior to such technology, debt sharing was often very difficult. If you are trapped in a situation where you have no debt and you have no need for hope, you will not be able to try anything else. That’s just about how to transfer the balance from jazz to jazz.


2- What is the level of import duty?

Shipping tax rate is about 12.9%

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