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Not all insurance companies are created equal. We polled over 10,000 drivers to learn more about their experience with car insurance, focusing on key areas such as customer service, claims handling and customer loyalty. Based on this data, we have ranked the best car insurance companies of 2022 to help you find the best one.

What is the best car insurance company?

According to our 2022 data, USAA is the top car insurance company, but its insurance products are only available to members of the military community. If that doesn't apply to you, the next best option is State Farm, which ranks second in our analysis.

To determine the best car insurance companies, we analyzed rate data as well as policyholder feedback, paying particular attention to customer service, claims handling, customer loyalty and policy renewals. We also asked survey participants how likely they were to recommend their existing insurer to a driver purchasing a new policy.

1:State farm

State Farm is #2 in our rating and scores above average in each of our sub-ratings, including Claims Handling and Customer Loyalty. It also did well in our ranking of the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies of 2022. Its average premiums for drivers with less than pristine driving records were the lowest in our ranking for those who couldn't get insurance from USAA.


Allstate moved up three spots to No. 6 in this year's Best Insurance Companies ranking and is also No. 4 in our Most Likely to Recommend sub-ranking, though the company scored slightly below average in most of our other sub-rankings. Category. Its rates are among the highest in our analysis, but Allstate may offer a competitive rate for some drivers, such as those with speeding records.

Moderate positions eighth in our examination. By and large, clients are for the most part happy effortlessly of opening a strategy, however Moderate Spots positions toward the end in our Best for Client Dedication class and scores sub optimal in each and every other sub-rating in our review. Moderate clients additionally report that they are more averse to reestablish their strategy or prescribe the guarantor to different drivers. Nonetheless, those with a DUI might have the option to open reserve funds with Moderate. Its rates for these drivers are among the most reduced in our review.


AAA is new to our Best Insurance Companies ranking and tied with Progresivní for 8th place. Its score is below average in every category we analyzed. However, it ranks 6th in our ranking of most likely to renew, beating out Allstate, Farmers, Progressive and American Family. AAA also has the highest average premiums in our study, but drivers considering AAA should get a quote to see if their individual rate is more competitive.

5:American Family

American Family dropped four spots this year to No. 10 in our analysis. It scores the lowest in most underrated categories, although American Family scores slightly higher than Progressive in our Best for Customer Loyalty category. Despite the low score, American Family offers competitive rates to some drivers, especially teenage drivers, drivers with bad credit, and drivers who have been involved in an accident or under the influence of alcohol.

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