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 Buying basic health insurance in Dubai

Looking for basic health insurance in Dubai? Do you have any frequently asked questions about EBP? We have answered the 5 most common cover questions here!

  • What is additional insurance?

A deductible is the amount (fixed amount or percentage) you are required to pay to cover the cost of any insurance claim. A typical percentage under a basic health plan is 20%: meaning that on a claim of AED 1000, you will have to contribute AED 200, with the insurer paying the balance of AED 800.

  • Can I go straight to the specialist or the hospital according to the basic plans?

Any outpatient treatment under the Basic Plan is limited to clinic-only treatment and is only covered if recommended and approved in advance by a GP/physician who will make the necessary referral to a specialist. Hospital coverage is strictly limited to emergency admissions only.

  • Do the basic plans cover pre-existing and chronic conditions?

Pre-existing and chronic conditions are generally covered but are subject to claim waiting periods (6 months for Dubai visa holders and 12 months for Northern Emirates visa holders) and if appropriately declared. They may also be subject to additional premium loading. Please note that for Dubai visas, some insurers may waive the waiting period if a valid continuity certificate is provided.

  • Is maternity leave provided under the basic plan?

Note that while maternity insurance is available, the typical waiting period for claims is 6 months. Further, any pregnancy occurring within 40 days of the policy commencement date (provided the applicant was not pregnant at the time the policy was taken out) will also not be covered. Day 1 coverage may be available with some insurers for pregnant applicants upon acceptance from underwriters and payment of their stipulated additional premium.

  • Who should we contact in an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you should contact your insurer's 24-hour helpline, which should provide relevant support and advice. Please also contact your advisor as soon as possible so that we can liaise with our claims team to assist you with the ongoing processing of your claim.

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