Opportunities for Fruit Picking in Greece 2024 with Visa Sponsorship


Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece: Agriculture offers a promising opportunity for people from Asia, Africa and South America looking for unskilled jobs in Greece. Greece offers job opportunities for international candidates interested in working as fruit pickers in the fields. Such roles are often referred to as seasonal work, with the bulk of recruitment occurring during the winter months when demand for fruit picking is at its peak.

What makes fruit picking jobs in Greece even more appealing is that some employers are willing to sponsor your trip to Greece to work on their farms. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive information to find a good fruit picking position as a foreign job seeker in Greece.

Before embarking on this journey, it is important to understand the specific responsibilities associated with fruit picking employment. Below, you will find a full job description and the necessary application requirements for fruit picking in Greece.

A review of fruit picking positions in Greece

The roles and responsibilities of fruit and vegetable pickers cover a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying, harvesting, and grading fruit based on factors such as size, type, and ripeness.
  • Inspecting fruits of different sizes and types to remove any damaged or overripe fruits.
  • High quality fruits and vegetables are measured and carefully packed into crates, ready for transport.
  • When necessary, handling the receipt, counting, labeling and storage of inventory items.
  • Operate and maintain various types of equipment used in the harvesting process in addition to other related duties.
  • Ensuring a clean and organized work area for safety and efficiency.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece
Temporary Employment: These jobs are typically seasonal, ideal for those seeking short-term or part-time work during harvest seasons.
No Formal Education Requirement: Most fruit-picking roles do not demand formal education or specialized training, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals.
Physical Work: Fruit harvesting is a physically demanding occupation, providing a hands-on and active work experience.
Outdoor Environment: Work takes place in the open air, allowing employees to enjoy nature and fresh air.
Physical Activity: The job involves activities like bending, lifting, and walking, contributing to physical fitness.
Teamwork: Fruit picking often involves working in teams, fostering camaraderie and cooperation among colleagues.
Flexible Hours: Some positions offer shift flexibility, accommodating workers' schedules.
Quick Learning Curve: The tasks are typically easy to grasp, and on-the-job training is commonly provided.
Seasonal Opportunities: Fruit-picking roles may require seasonal travel, providing a change of scenery.
Earning Potential: Compensation varies by crop and location, offering competitive pay to dedicated and efficient workers.
Connection with Nature: Workers often develop an appreciation for nature and a deeper understanding of various fruits and crops.
Cultural Exchange: Fruit-picking jobs attract individuals from diverse backgrounds, promoting cultural interaction and international friendships.
Availability: Agricultural regions worldwide provide fruit-picking jobs, ensuring a consistent supply of employment opportunities.
Career Progression: Experienced workers may have the chance to advance to supervisory or team leader positions within the agricultural sector.
Seasonal Work-Life Balance: Seasonal labor allows individuals to balance intense work periods with extended breaks or alternative employment during off-seasons.

Variations of Job Titles
  • Fruit Picker
  • Fruit and Vegetable Harvester
  • Fruit & Vegetable Picker
  • Berry Picker
  • Vegetable Picker
  • Fruit and Veg Harvester
  • Farm Hand
  • Fruit and Veg Picker
  • Crop Harvester
  • Crop Picker
  • Fruit and Vegetable Pickers

Requirements, Skills, and Qualifications for Fruit Picking Roles in Greece
The qualifications and skills expected for a career in fruit picking should encompass the following:

Key Qualifications for the role:
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Physical fitness and endurance.
  • Exceptional hand-eye coordination.
  • Knowledge of efficient agricultural practices.
  • Willingness to work extended hours on site.
  • Salaries for fruit picking jobs in Greece

The average monthly income of fruit and vegetable pickers in Greece is €1,200 ($1,400). This amount may vary based on various factors considered during the employment period.

Unlike other unskilled jobs abroad, fruit and vegetable pickers in Greece are often paid hourly or based on the amount of fruit picked. This arrangement is usually negotiated and agreed upon by both the worker and the employer. Many fruit picking positions in Greece offer additional benefits, such as bonuses, accommodation and meals.

How to find fruit picking jobs in Greece
Foreign applicants seeking high-paying agricultural or fruit picking jobs with visa sponsorship in Greece can explore several avenues to obtain these positions. Some common ways to find such jobs are:

  • Get help locally: If you have a contact in Greece, such as a relative or friend, you can ask them to visit local farms and orchards on your behalf to get visa-sponsored fruit. Inquire about picking opportunities.
  • Contact International Employment Agencies: A number of reputed overseas employment agencies operate worldwide. It is wise to stay in touch with someone with a solid reputation and a verifiable track record.
  • Check online job boards: Many international job boards specialize in recruitment and job posting.

These platforms offer a wealth of information about job opportunities in various categories or sectors.
By using any of these three methods, you are likely to make significant progress in your job search. Remember that you can also contact us via our contact page for further assistance.

Below, you will find a list of the best available fruit picking positions in Greece with visa sponsorship.

Visa-Sponsored Fruit Picking Opportunities in Greece
  • Apple Picking in the Rhineland-Palatinate Region
  • Cherry Picking in the Brandenburg Region
  • Grape Harvesting in the Baden-Wurttemberg Region
  • Strawberry Picking in the Lower Saxony Region
  • Raspberry Picking in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Region
  • Blackberry Picking in the Saxony-Anhalt Region
  • Apricot Picking in the Bavaria Region
  • Plum Picking in the North Rhine-Westphalia Region
  • Blueberry Picking in the Schleswig-Holstein Region
  • Peach Picking in the Hesse Region

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs in Greece

To apply for high-paying fruit and vegetable picking jobs in Greece as an immigrant, please visit the recruiter's website or application portal.

Click on the "apply now" button on the job page and follow the on-screen instructions to upload your resume and cover letter for the specific job you're interested in.

Before submitting your application, carefully review the job description for any additional requirements. Some employers may request specific keywords from the job description to be included in your cover letter to demonstrate that you've thoroughly read the job posting.

Provide an active email address, as this is the primary means of communication regarding your application.

Send Your Cv to contact@zubairworld.com

In Conclusion
Fruit picking jobs in Greece, with visa sponsorship for foreign workers, offer an excellent opportunity to secure well-paying employment. We recommend using the provided application links to explore available fruit harvesting positions in Greece and express your interest (with your CV or resume) to potential employers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the most in-demand jobs in Greece?
  • The most sought-after job sectors in Greece include tourism, hospitality, agriculture, technology, and healthcare.

What is the average salary for farm workers in Greece?
  • Farm workers in Thessaloniki, Greece earn an average annual salary of €18,066 and €9 per hour. The salary range is usually between €13,730 and €21,029.

Is it easy to find a job in Greece?
  • Finding a job in Greece can be difficult, especially for non-EU and EEA citizens. While Greece is known for its beauty and has a growing startup sector, getting a job or work visa in the country can be difficult for non-EU and EEA citizens.

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